Character Creation

Ddi characterbuilder

  • All characters are 5th level.
  • Inherent Bonuses WILL NOT be used.
  • Stats will be generated using either the Point System, or the Array System, not dice rolling.
  • ANY 4th Edition D&D source may be used to create characters. If it is in DDI Character Builder, you can use it, including themes and backgrounds. (One background per character)
  • All characters may have one 6th level item, one 5th level item, and one 4th level item. In addition, all characters have 840 gp to spend on magical or mundane items as they see fit. Only two restrictions apply to this: ONLY ONE RARE ITEM PER CHARACTER, and no more than two consumables per character which MUST be of your level (5th) or lower.
  • Please bring your character READY TO PLAY. Each session will start promptly and character generation is not allowed for in the alloted play time.

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Character Creation

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