Lair assault glory award

Players can gain up to 20 awards in Lair Asault. Each award is worth a certain amount of Glory. A total of 200 points worth of Glory can be obtained by acheiving all the award objectives. Some objectives are known, while some are secret. Secret awards will be given out at the end of the season, to ensure that the conditions remain secret. Each award may only be gained once per player, regardless of the number of times you play or how many characters you use. Awards are PER PLAYER, not PER CHARACTER.

General Awards

  • Epic Win: Defeat the challenge on Nightmare Mode—20 Glory.
  • I’ll Be Back: You get a 20 or higher on a death saving throw—10 Glory
  • It’s Critmas: You score a critical hit—5 Glory.
  • Monster Slayer: Defeat every creature in the dungeon—20 Glory.
  • Commando: You complete the challenge without using magic items OR consumables (this applies to non-property abilities on items)—20 Glory.
  • One Shot: You drop a nonminion enemy from full HP to 0 HP in ONE ATTACK—10 Glory.
  • Racy Group: Your party defeats the challenge with a group in which all of the characters are of the same race—10 Glory.
  • Tough as Nails: You complete the challenge without spending a healing surge—20 Glory.
  • TPK: Every character in the party dies—5 Glory
  • It’s a Trap!: You disable (personally) a trap or hazard—5 Glory.

Challenge Awards

  • Dungeon Mapper: Your group opens every door in the dungeon—10 Glory.
  • Give My Regards: You knock an enemy off a ledge or into lava—5 Glory.
  • I Regret Nothing: You fall of a ledge or into lava— 5 Glory.
  • Lava Nice Day: You die from lava—10 Glory.
  • Speed Demon: Complete the challenge in five rounds or fewer—10 Glory.
  • Treasure Hunter: You recover the gem from the bejeweled statue—5 Glory.
  • Vell’s Foil: Your group defeats the challenge—10 Glory.

Secret Awards

  • …are SECRET. Secret Awards will be posted here at the end of the season. You will be informed at the end of a session however, that you have earned a secret award, and the point total for it. Just not what you did to earn it.

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