Dungeons and Dragons Lair Assault

Forge of the Dawn Titan
Session 1--9/4/11

The inaugural run of D&D Lair Encounters, Forge of the Dawn Titan, was a great time! The group performed well, for a first time run and learned much. I fully expect the players to beat this encounter at least once, if not more.

There’s already a fair amount of discussion by the players on what happened in the forums, so I won’t try to re-iterate it here. Instead, I urge folks to jump on over to the forums and take advantage of the discussions there themselves.

For my first run on this, I used the basic set-up offered in the encounter booklet, just to get a feel for how the monsters in the encounter worked, and what their synergy was. It’s impressive. For anyone else runninng this, my advice is to make an outline for yourself of what happens where and when ahead of time. I forgot more than a few things which would have made it even harder for the PC’s, due to the sheer number of effects going on. there is a lot to keep up with.

Now then, for the awards for this session:

  • Skullbreaker (Eric) 5 Glory
  • Toryce (Blake) 15 Glory
  • Kali (Dan) 15 Glory
  • Tozach (Richard) 30 Glory (wow!)
  • Zane (Steve) 10 Glory
  • Vanris (Logan) 20 Glory

Remember, you only get each Glory award once! No double diping!

There were NO Secret Awards gained by anyone in this session. Keep looking!

Special recognition goes out to Vanris as the last PC left standing, going toe to toe with Mordai Vell before being thrown out like yesterday’s bathwater.

Special recognition goes out to Tozacch for the highest Glory gain this week. Who’s gonna take him down?

For a full list of Glory points and their objectives, click here.

See you next sunday!

~Bobby “Paws” Turman


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