Welcome to the web site for D&D Lair Assault at Roll the Dice.

You can find all the info you need for character creation and play here in our wikki’s, a list of award points and player Glory, and a log of each session’s successes (and failures).

Patrons of Roll the Dice and the Lair Assault program there are encouraged to create and post their characters here and give their insight on the sessions they have played in. Talk about whatever strategy you’d like in the comments or forums. Table talk and away from table talk is not only encouraged, it may prove neccessary.

Events lair assault

This encounter is designed to task experienced, highly optimized players to their limits. It will be tough, and you should expect to have your PC die. Often.

We will try to run this every Sunday at around 1:30 at the very least, but we will run it more often as our DM’s have time to do so. Check the RtD FB page for additional times and dates, and if you have an Obsidian Portal account and have joined this “campaign”, we can send you email alerts of scheduled sessions as they are decided on.

Above all, come ready to have fun. Bring your best, because Lair Assault will do it’s worst!

If you enjoy D&D lair Asault, check out our weekly D&D Encounters season, Lost Crown of Neverwinter running on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm!

To join this site, create an Obsidian Portal account and send your account name to me (Black Paws) via private message by clicking on my name in the toolbar to the right. (GM:Blackpaws) I’ll add you to the site asap.

Dungeons and Dragons Lair Assault

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